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Tires Pressure – Do Not Overlook How Important It Is

Motorized vehicles are almost everywhere you look. Regardless of the type of vehicle – buses, cars, trucks or motorcycles – they all rely heavily on tires. The rubber surface of tires adds cushion to the wheels, provides traction, and aids in braking. For all of these reasons, it is very important that you check tire pressure on a regular basis to keep them operating optimally. One major reason that proper tire pressure must be maintained is that your vehicle’s handling depends on it. Under-inflated tires lead to decreased ability to keep a good grip on the road. For example, if there is a puddle on the road, an under-inflated tire places more area on the road, and that gives the water that much more opportunity to cause hydroplaning, causing you to … Read entire article »

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Deciding Which Type Of Car Tires To Choose From

The world of cars can often seem like a world apart from your own. What may seem like a simple thing – buying a new set of tires – is actually fraught with choice. Read on for a guide to the most common types of car tires. The most popular type is the standard all-season option. These come as standard on most cars and, as the name suggests, you can use them all year round. They’re designed to have a long life with regular use and are manufactured from hard rubber. The next type of tire you could choose is the performance tire. These are sometimes also known as ‘summer tires’, because they perform at their best in dry weather. You may find them beneficial if you have a car that … Read entire article »

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