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Quick Guide How To Change Brake Rotors And Brake Pads

The Brake Pads of a car’s brake disc must be replaced as soon as it shows signs of damage or worn out state. So do the brake rotors. A car uses brake discs at least for its front wheels if not all wheels including those at the rear. A squealing sound whenever you step on the brakes, is a good sign that the brake pads or more have to be replaced. To save on repair expense, you can go do it yourself. Tools and Materials Needed: C-clamp Jack Stand/s Wrench (depending on your car) Lug Wrench Gloves Dust Mask and Safety Glasses New Brake Pads and Rotors Bungee Cord or Hanger Wire Rubber Mallet Step 1 – Elevate Your Car Placed blocks under you car wheels (to keep it from moving) then loosen the lug nuts (without completely unscrewing) on the wheel … Read entire article »

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